Our dream is to make apple brandy and exceptional gins with local apples, many of which we grow and harvest in our orchard at Westcott Bay Cider .

Both of our craft distilling associations (American Distilling Institute and American Craft Distilling Association) have awarded our apple brandy best in class! That means we make the best craft distilled apple brandy in the United States, as judged by our peers. We are so happy and proud!

We are sold out already, but we will bottle more in the fall. If you want us to save a bottle for you, email us at suzy@sanjuanislanddistillery.com.

And Barrel-Aged Spy Hop Gin got a silver medal. Last year, Spy Hop Gin won a silver medal at the Denver American Distilling Institute Judging.

We are also making bitters, fruit brandies and liqueurs. We pick local berries and forage for other island botanicals so that our spirits have the flavors of San Juan Island.

We hope that you will join us for a tasting at the Distillery. We are just under a mile from Roche Harbor Resort, a wonderful island marina and hotel/restaurant/spa/shopping that is also very fun and interesting.

Weekend tastings are 1 to 4 pm on Saturdays. On other days in the week, you are likely to find us around the Distillery working on spirits, and if we're not too busy, we'd love to stop and talk. Call 360 378-2606 for an appointment if you are around at hours other than our normal tasting times.

There are a number of ways to reach us. The ferry docks in Friday Harbor, just a short drive through San Juan Island. There is also a small airport and marina at Roche Harbor, and the Kenmore Air seaplane from Seattle is so fun! So come out, enjoy the weather (we have half the rainfall of Seattle), the shops and the docks but be sure to come by for a taste of our spirits.

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